July 15, 2013 1 Comment


Have you ever wanted to see our showroom? Great. We think you should see it too.  

Since the majority of Homestead customers live across the country, we want to give everybody the opportunity to browse the showroom (and get first dibs on new product) from the comfort of your own home. Or someone else's home. Or to entertain yourself when your friends are talking about work.

Lucky for you Seattle folk, you guys can schedule an appointment to come by and see us just about any time. Now that you've been here once you'll know what to expect. Plus, if you're lucky you can also get a piece of Ryan's fresh baked bread when you're here. So. Good.

Enjoy the tour and let us know if you see anything you like! We'll be updating photos every week to keep you current.

Thanks for stopping by. See you next week!

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rose | rockrosewine
rose | rockrosewine

July 16, 2013

Such lovely objects. Right up my alley.

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