January 05, 2017

So, it's finally time. 

We don't have the threat of drywall dust covering everything at any moment. We don't have to move our belongings from room to room so contractors can finish their never-ending work. Today is the day that all of our things can find homes and we can figure out the best way to use each room in our house. Hallelujah. It's been over a year. I think I need a drink. Maybe two.

No better place to start than this awkward space. It used to look like this before the fire. Yep, a real fire. It destroyed our second story. Old wiring + attic insulation, not a good mix.

Those chairs. I will mourn you forever.

Now it looks like this.

What is this room? 

One day that angled wall with one sad skylight will have a whole row of skylights and this will be my indoor greenhouse. (How Seattle of me.)

As is, it's an unused space where the cats eat. The only usable-for-human things in here are a secretary desk and my favorite plaid chair. 

When I set up the room like this I had the best intentions of doing work here in this light-filled plant heaven.  

Reality: Why would I do work here when just a few feet away is my bed... covered in pets? I can do everything I could at that desk but better with three sleeping creatures next to me. 

Sorry little desk, it's not you - it's me.

So the desk has to go. And maybe the portraits. Don't worry, I'm sure we can find them a better home. The plants can stay. Actually they can multiply. More plants and pictures of plants everywhere please.

What to do, what to do? 
We need a place to sit upstairs where we can eat, drink and be together in silence on our laptops (wedded bliss). That place is not the bed. Gotta get off this bed. Damn you, pets. 

We need a table. With two chairs. Let's start there. 

I have a marble French bistro table with a cast iron base similar to this guy.I was going to use it on our deck but whatever, it just got upgraded. So great, done and done. 


I have a pair of vintage dark bamboo chairs (similar to this one) that I've been waiting to reupholster until I find them the right home. I looked for more inspiration pictures on pinterest but my god, everyone is painting their bamboo chairs crazy colors. STOP THAT. STOP THAT RIGHT NOW. I guess I understand the look but it's not for me.

Or maybe I should go with the expected Tolix chairs. I do have a set of six in silver. I mean, if they're good enough for the Eiffel Tower. 

Ghost cat.

Mid Century Kodawood gems for contrast? In plaid of course.

I guess if we plan on sitting there for long periods of time we might want leather wingbacks.

I can't believe I sold these wingbacks. Why? 

Too many options. I'm working on it today. I'll let you know how it goes. 

Here's hoping that I can make this weird hall feel like an outdoor patio. In Europe. With tons of plants. Plants, marble, plaid, leather, cheese and baguettes.


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