September 05, 2014


Hey guys! 

How is it September already!? 

And how did we completely miss our August showroom tour? Summer has just been that good in Seattle. We're not ready for it to be over yet (dear lord please don't let summer be over yet). 

At least we're starting this month off right with a shop full of new pieces and a damn fine looking showroom. We decided to get a little weird with our art and keep the furniture heavy on the Mid Century Modern side of things. It's pretty fly stuff, you guys.

Not shown: a back room full of MCM dressers and shelving. All currently being photographed and it's all getting added to the shop tonight. No waiting. Well ok, a brief amount of waiting. Come on, a little waiting never hurt anyone.

Seattle customers, we'll be around all weekend by appointment. Stop by and say hello!

Everyone else, enjoy the tour! 


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