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Hello everyone!

TGIF. Seriously.

There weren't a lot of changes in the shop this week, so instead of a Welcome to Homestead post we've got this little gem to share.

Over Labor Day weekend we decided to expand our showroom which in turn meant moving our office to the (mostly) finished basement. The goal for the basement is to use it as a large indoor workspace this winter. Right now it's where we store our upcoming projects and inventory backstock. It can get a little crazy down there to say the least.

We started clearing out the new office space in the early afternoon and completed the setup as it was getting dark. It was a tiring process, we decluttered and meticulously organized everything. Worth it. We haven't had a functioning office in months.

Next video we make I promise not to be in my workout clothes. (That is absolutely not true.)


Thanks to our friend Tori Wadzita for patiently documenting this process with us. If you want a cool video made, she's your girl.

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September 13, 2013

Great directing, Hilliards in hand.

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