April 08, 2013


A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of writing a blog post that was chosen to be featured on Assemble Shop & Studio's blog. It was a response to a post of theirs about "failing up". You should read it, it's a good one.

Assemble is a small business based in Seattle and run by the charming duo, Andie Powers and Emily Grosse. They have an online shop that sells housewares, books, stationary, art, crafting kits and all sorts of great gifts and accessories. They also have online tutorials that go hand in hand with their crafting kits and keep an eye out for their next pop-up shop or craft + chat! I feel lucky to have been chosen and that the post got such a positive response.




As many of you know Ryan and I had quite the year. I suppose I should have done a better job writing about it but it seems like such a buzz kill. The whole not wanting to be a downer aspect is most likely why it took me so long to re-post this super personal story about the whole thing. For a look at the full post with images check it out on their blog

Here goes nothing.


Photo by Kristen Marie Photography





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