November 08, 2013


Happy fall ya'll!

In Seattle we're seriously feeling the effects of daylight savings time. Fortunately it has inspired us to do a lot of nesting, both in our home and the shop.

If you're going to be hibernating all winter you might as well make your house its best. Then, share the love. Host dinners and brunches with friends and family. Take advantage of everyone's jovial holiday spirit and fight the SADs.

It's going to be a great season.

Our shop is looking top notch and ready for fall this week. We 're thrilled with how the addition of rugs transformed the place. We try to keep it fresh and minimal in the summer but in the fall we love love love rugs.

Rugs and lighting and indoor plants. Do this.

The second largest transformation this week were the walls. We hung some really large pieces of art, signs and flags that make it feel so much more grand in here. We're certainly thankful that we have such high ceilings to work with.

We love this house.

On with the show. As always, make an appointment to stop by if you want to see the goods in person. For everyone else out there, enjoy the tour!

Thanks for stopping by. See you next week!

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