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Last weekend Michele and I delivered a sofa to a customer of ours just outside Portland.

We took the opportunity to drive around the city, enjoy the sunshine, eat our favorite burgers and buy some great stuff for the shop. 

First stop post delivery: duck bahn mi sandwiches and miso poutine at Double Dragon

We shook off our food comas and did a little shopping.

I really wish we would've picked up that dresser and rug. Next time.

Our favorite activity when traveling is driving around exploring neighborhoods. Portland has the best houses and tree-lined streets. What a town.

My favorite shot from the night.

The next day we squeezed in brunch at Tasty n Sons before getting to work.

Burgers and sweet biscuits.

Then it was furniture time.

Our inspiration for the day, these gentlemen:

There's so much great stuff in Portland. Next time we're getting a bigger trailer.

We really regret not getting these chairs. 

Another regret. This dining set was unfortunately already sold.

Some of our finds.

After we filled up the trailer we stopped by Tin Shed for dinner and then hit the road.

See ya later Portland. Thanks for the sunshine and the cool stuff.

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We can already tell it's going to be a great year! Even the more mundane days are going to be worth remembering.

Today, a not too special day, is photography day at Homestead. Our two main challenges are light and space. Because we're working with natural light and live in Seattle we don't have many usable hours in the winter. And because our showroom is our photography studio, let's just say it's not a day that we would usually schedule a showroom visit. 


Fortunately, getting to show off new product makes up for how crazy it is in here. Better yet, this means a new showroom tour. First one of the year! We're pumped.

2014: Even the mundane is wonderful. 

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Today marks the two year anniversary of the first big milestone for Homestead Seattle and the best day of our lives, our wedding at our home! Thanks go out to our delightful and talented wedding photographer Kristen Parker for the beautiful story she created of our day and our space. 

We consider our wedding to be the launching point for our brand and the birth of a partnership in business and in life that gets better everyday. Go to Kristen's website, be in awe of her talent and then give this woman your business - it changed our lives forever.



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Hello Hello! 

We're finally getting back into the blogging swing of things and we have some exciting news to share! A few months ago we (and our house) were chosen to be featured on the HGTV online series Home Diaries. Each mini-episode in this charming series features "the compelling stories behind unique homes located across the U.S., told from the perspectives of (really cool) homeowners." Thanks to the production team at Red Arrow Industries for posting about it and making us the first in the series.

Until we can get the video on our site directly you can view it here or by clicking on the image below. Keep an eye out for a sneak peak at our ever-changing showroom. You can make an appointment (by email or phone) to visit us and see all of the great stuff we have listed on our site along with some pieces that you can only find in the shop. 

Hope you enjoy it!


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This set of six Mid Century Thonet dining chairs have been patiently awaiting an overhaul. Luckily for them it was sunny in Seattle last week so I had a good excuse to finally get this project started. In addition to the great weather I was also fortunate to have help in the form of my brother-in-law, Zach. He wanted to learn how to refinish wood and I needed a second set of hands.

Many of our pieces can get by with a small bit of touchup; removing a spot of paint or sanding out and oiling a scuff. Not this set. The vinyl was splitting and peeling, the finish had worn through, and the stain was splotchy. These chairs needed to be fully sanded, restained and reupholstered.

This project, although extensive, was worth it for us because these are iconic chairs with a classic silhouette. I feel great giving them at least another 50 years of life.

Here's what I used for this project:

Lint Free Rags (Old t-shirts work great)
Latex Gloves
Sand Paper (80 Grit and 220 Grit)
Gel Stain
Wipe-On Polyurethane

After I had all of my supplies together we disassembled the chairs. This made sanding quicker and in this case it allowed us to send off the cushions to be reupholstered while we worked on the wood.

Next we sanded every piece down by hand. Here's Zach being a hero and taking on the bulk of the sanding. We started with 80 grit sandpaper and sanded with the grain until the finish and stain came off completely. Then we went over it again with 220 grit sandpaper. The 220 smoothed out the surface and allowed the stain to apply more evenly.

I have learned to never be lazy about sanding. It feels terrible to sand away for hours only to have the stain go on poorly and then be stuck sanding everything over again. Don't skimp on sanding.

Once we had the first leg sanded we tested out a few different shades and types of stains and settled on a gel stain in dark walnut. Oil-based stains are great for bringing out the highlights and natural colors of wood grain but they're harder to work with than gel stains. Gel stain applies much more evenly than oil-based and it is easier to clean up . Since I was looking to keep the color as even as possible and because I was working with Zach on his first project, gel stain was the best option. 

Before and after the first coat of stain.

I'm nearly done staining the chairs and the frames should be ready by the time we get the cushions back from our upholsterer. These two plaids were our top choices. Michele decided on the vintage blue Pendleton plaid fabric because the teal stripe feels more summery than the burgundy. Everything should be finished in a week or two. I can't wait to see it all come together.

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